The more I jump into this fandom, the more I expect more natural skin texture exposure, ain’t the glossy one


a sample of Tablo’s deep and meaningful sayings

very poetic lulz


*me talked to a friend after seeing Myung’s blond hair*,”I won’t be surprised if Myung’s hair gonna be pink later.. It seems he’s gonna be the next experiment after Hoya’s hair,right?”

*today, me watching shara-shara CF*




still cant fight after 3 years

Needs to get more training in dungeon, and power up weapons and allies

It’s very saddening and deeply heartbreaking that there’re several issues in this world which have contributed extreme violence and genocides.. enough for blood and tragedy this month! mother earth must be very upset right now, we do just want a world peace.. deepest condolences for #MH17 #GazaUnderAttack #ISIS

awkward cheers :))

ocean of light

ocean of light